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We have over 40 years’ experience in the cable / electrical distribution and wholesale markets at the team’s disposal, SCS can provide you with valuable guidance through the complex and often frustrating world of specialist cables.


Valuable guidance through the complex and challenging world of specialist cables.


Complete specialist cable service and price packages for the electrical industry.


Over 40 years' knowledge and expertise dealing with specialist cables.

Our cable

Our range of control, data, network, fire and security cables.

DEF 16-2

DEF 16-2 0.5mm2 conductor 100% foil screen Data / Instrumentation cable LSOH UV stable 2,4,6,8 core versions Data Sheet Def-Stan-16-2-S-tech-sheet Download

BS5308 P1/T1

BS5308 Part 1 Type 1 Overall SCR (UV) LSZH General purpose Industrial process, voice and data cable, for transmission of communication signals. 0.75mm x 1 Pair and 1 quad ( four core )CPR Compliant EN50575 Read more…

SCS 8719

SCS 8719 Belden alternative Overall Screened 1 Pair x 16awg ( 8719 style) Single pair foil screened data cable / Signal / Analogue Control LSOH jacket for increased safety in event of fire 600V jacket Read more…

SCS 8777

SCS 8777 Belden alternative Individual Screen 3 pair – 8777 Style 3 pair x 22awg individual foil screen data cable.600 Volt – LSOH jacket CPR Compliant -Class ECAPair colours-BK/RD –BK/WH – BK/GE

SCS 9841

SCS 9841 SCS 9841 alternative LSZH / LSOH – 1 x 2 x 24AWG F+B Screen Data cable foil and braid screening, interference protection. RS485 applications LSOH jacket for greater safety in event of fire Read more…

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