Defence Standard Cables

The opportunities for defence-standard (Def-Stan) cables may have originally stemmed from military use, the realities are that they are increasingly being used more widely commercially. Some of the more prevalent applications include:

⦁ Data processing
⦁ Information transfer
⦁ Process control
⦁ Security
⦁ Many industrial applications

The quality and reassurance of these types of cables means that their usage is only likely to increase as desire increases for high level data processing etc. They are available unscreened (Type A), with a braid screen (Type C), with an individual braid screen (Type D) or foil screen (Type S), from 2 core to 36 core in a range of conductor sizes.

Duct grade versions for external use feature a LDPE jacket over the standard jacket. Armoured versions are also available with SWA & PE outer sheath.