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Belden Alternative Cables

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of Belden Alternative cables manufactured to be both high quality and cost effective.

Our range includes single and multi-pair cables with LSOH, PVC and external sheaths and can be cut to required lengths.

For more information on our range of Belden Alternatives, please contact us.

  • SCS 8719
    SCS 8719 Belden alternative Overall Screened 1 Pair x 16awg ( 8719 style) Single pair foil screened data cable / Signal / Analogue Control LSOH jacket for increased safety in event of fire 600V jacket for cable tray use. LSOH jackets meets- IEC60332-1 IEC60754 – IEC601034 CPR Compliant -Class ECA
  • SCS 8777
    SCS 8777 Belden alternative Individual Screen 3 pair – 8777 Style 3 pair x 22awg individual foil screen data cable.600 Volt – LSOH jacket CPR Compliant -Class ECAPair colours-BK/RD –BK/WH – BK/GE
  • SCS 9841
    SCS 9841 SCS 9841 alternative LSZH / LSOH – 1 x 2 x 24AWG F+B Screen Data cable foil and braid screening, interference protection. RS485 applications LSOH jacket for greater safety in event of fire 600 V rated Jacket for cable tray use CPR Compliant -Class ECA
  • SCS 8723
    SCS 8723 alternative Individual Screen 2 Pair – 8723 Style 2 pair x 22awg individual foil screen data cable 600V Jacket CPR Compliant ‐Class ECA * pe duct version Fca Insulation Material: HDPE ( 0.21mm) Core Identification: RD / BK Pair – GE / WH pair Screen: Individual Alu pair […]
  • SCS 9540