What is CPR (Construction Product Regulations)?

This is yet another regulation, which came into force in 2017 and this is an important one! So if you’re feeling unsure about what it all really means, then take a few moments and we can help enlighten you (and we will try to do it simply too). Ultimately, it is all about fire safety and making sure that full testing has been completed and that there is complete traceability back to the factory or importer.  All common sense stuff really, but the important thing is that anyone using these sorts of cables makes sure that the key essentials have been covered.

Ultimately it is down to the cable importers and distributors (including wholesale) to make sure the product is compliant. From an installers perspective you need to make sure that the cable you choose has been tested under fire conditions by making sure what you are supplied is transparently labelled and clearly shows all the traceability information. Plus, it needs to also show that the cable has been through an assured approval system to classify its performance in accordance with the CE marking (for those not in the know the CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area).

If you want to know more then visit our Technical section where we go into more detail and show what the different classifications are and what a label should look like.

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